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Welcome to Potter-Watch, a group completely devoted to the fictional world of Harry Potter. Our name is based on the radio program that briefly featured in the seventh Harry Potter novel; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
We have been active for 2 years now however not much has changed. We hold regular contest ( <a…>All entry's can be can be found here</a>) and a gallery equipped for you to submit all of your Harry Potter fan art.

Please remember to put all of your art into the folders they need to go into, please just don't dump it all into Featured

Gallery Folders

HCC - First Generation Summer Love
Holiday Contests TBD
Animations and Gifs
snape in loreal ad by devashri
Take my hand... by PhoenixSong7
Remus Lupin Banner gif by hnl
Snape -gif by Veronika-Art
Arts and Crafts
Quidditch soap by AncientKing
Niffy Nifflers by TrollGirl
Chocolate Frog Box by BeyondThePines
Wand commission by TesseractGlow
Comics and Memes - Part 1 Only
Potter Prequel Comic Part 1: Cover by TheGeekCanPaint
Molly's Grandbabies by TrollGirl
Switch-a-roo Contest Entry by thalle-my-honey
Boop by staypee
Slytherin Harry Potter by TesseractGlow
Slytherin Harry Potter by TesseractGlow
Slytherin Harry Potter by TesseractGlow
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker IX by DashingTonyDrake
Designs and Interfaces
Romione by Mybeautyheart
fantastic beasts and where to find them :) by Mybeautyheart
Jilly banner by Mybeautyheart
Zonkos by Pencilbags
Digital Art
Young Dumbledore by AngieParadiseeker
Sea Battle by AncientKing
HPCC-Draco's Time-Turner by Dhesia
Wizard's chess by AncientKing
FanFiction - Chapter or Part 1 ONLY
The Deal ~Dramione by thalle-my-honey
Mixed Media
Barty Crouch Junior by LoonaLucy
Starry Night at Hogwarts by cmsully
Quidditch goal posts design by AncientKing
Scripts and Screenplays
Stamps and Icons
Snape icon vr03 by MarySeverus
Tradtional Art
Scabior by Irrisor-Immortalis
Videos and Sound Bites
(video) Harry Potter enlightens us about Lumos by Wizzoshoppingchannel
Calling Out Your Name by kienerii


If you have any questions about the group, them please send a note




Hello Members, Deviants and Watchers+!

Welcome to the second Potter-Watch journal!  As your Headmistress and Founder, I, E-HIndigo, think it's important to set up a few rules and guidelines for Membership behavior!  My goal is to reinvent Potter-Watch as an active home for Harry Potter fans!  

This means that if you, or a fellow Member, are breaking these Guidelines you will be contacted by one of the Admins, and asked to rectify the situation. The Admins listed below are also who you should contact if an issue rises up between yourself an another group Member.

:bulletyellow:  Headmistress/Founder:   E-HIndigo

You can find the Guidelines which pertain to all members of the group, including the Admins, below.


:bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue:  :bulletgreen:  POTTER-WATCH MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES :bulletyellow: :bulletblack: :bulletorange: :bulletblack:

:bulletpink: Membership Invites   All Members are Invited to Potter-Watch.  This it to ensure that the Member Application is filled out - so that new Members can join the House Cup Contests every sixth months. And, so their entries for the Holiday Contests earn their Houses Points.

:bulletpurple: Respect: Members come from varying age, ethnicity, race, ideological, sexual and gender identities. We're all at different life experiences. We'll get the fullest experience of Potter-Watch by respecting, and diplomatically agreeing to disagree when it comes to each others' views and beliefs.

:bulletpink: Spamming the Group:   When a single Deviant submits all of their related artwork to the Gallery without paying attention to the folders or to the content of their posts.  Also defined as: Continually submitting the same artwork after receiving a Reject Notice message.

If you are told that your actions fall under this category and there is a refusal to follow group rules, you will be blocked from Potter-Watch.

:bulletpurple: Reporting Disputes between Members:  If you, or another Deviant, are being harassed or otherwise bothered by fellow group Members immediately contact the Admins listed below.</b> Do not try to deal with the situation yourself.

Admins to Contact:

::bulletyellow:  Headmistress/Founder:  E-HIndigo

If the situation persists and the Co-Founder helping you is not successful, Immediately contact Founder: E-HIndigo

:bulletpink: Follow Folder Guidelines: Please make sure you Submit to the correct folders.  If you are redirected please re-submit your art to the correct place. We value the works in our Gallery and want to showcase them to the best of our ability! You can see a link to Folder Descriptions below:

Folder Descriptions:  

:bulletpurple: Have Fun!  Potter-Watch  is your home. And you should feel comfortable here! Have fun and participate in the many Contests and Events that make this group so special!


These are your very simple, but very important Guidelines! I'm hoping we can agree to follow them and create a fun and engaging atmosphere out of this group!  

To see the fun in store please reference Welcome to Potter-Watch!:

~  Founder E-HIndigo

Fast Forward:  Three Warning System:
More Journal Entries


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thalle-my-honey Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd like to submit this art work (…) to your group, is that possible? :meow:
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
If you are a Member you should submit to the Mature folder. IF you aren't a member please let me know and I'll submit it to our Favorites-Mature folder.
thalle-my-honey Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, I'll submit it to that folder, thank you :meow:
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!

would you also be willing to be an Admin? I really need some active Admins to help me out with the group. I just got laid off, so I have some time right now, but it's rather difficult to keep up with everything by myself. 
(2 Replies)
Aviika-Lia Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, can i join the group?
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