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Welcome to Potter-Watch, a group completely devoted to the fictional world of Harry Potter. Our name is based on the radio program, which was started to keep track of Harry in Deathly Hallows.

We have been active for 7 years! You can find featured submissions and contest winner's submissions in our below galleries.


Favorites Featured:…

Please remember to put all of your art into the folders they need to go into, please just don't dump it all into Featured. You can find the folder descriptions below. We DO NOT accept cross-over fanart. However, as you will notice, our Gallery and Favorites Gallery have the same folder names.

:bulletblue: Featured: Members cannot submit to this folder. All deviations displayed here are moved from the other Gallery Folders after the Admins showcase them in the Potter-Watch Member Feature.

:bulletorange: :new: Prompt Contest TBD: Members and Affiliate Members can submit Harry Potter related art and writing only. The folder remains closed when there are no Prompt Contests open. All art submitted to Contests must fit the description of Folders in Potter-Watch's Gallery, as after Contests close all art not moved to Featured is moved to its proper folder.

:bulletyellow: :new: Holiday Contest TBD Members and Affiliate Members can submit Harry Potter related art and writing only when the Contest is opened for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas/Boxing Day/New Years. All art submitted must fit the description of Folders in Potter-Watch's Gallery, as after the contests close all deviations not moved to Featured are moved to their proper folder.

:bulletblack: Animations and Gifs: Any art, that is not an Icon, Stamp or Video/Sound Bite, which moves or has animated components.

:bulletblue: Arts and Crafts: Photographs of Jewelry, costumes for Cosplay, props, paper dolls, or any other hand-made and Harry Potter related craft. Photographs of places, Photomanipulations and Cosplay Photos will not be accepted in this folder.

:bulletorange: Comics and Memes - Part 1 Only: Any deviation using paneled format, whether in Japanese/Anime style or American (like DC or Marvel) style. Only the Prologue or Part 1 is accepted. It is recommended (although not required) that you provide a link for the next panel in your Author's Description. Potter-Watch will not accept the second installment of any Comic or Meme. This rule is in place to keep our Gallery clean and to increase the traffic to our Member's personal Profiles and Galleries.

:bulletyellow: Cosplay: Any photographs, even those that have used photoshop, which depict a Member of Potter-Watch dressed up as a character from Harry Potter, are accepted to this folder. Do not submit Photographs or Photomanipulations of the Actors themselves.

:bulletblack: Designs and Interfaces: Can include tattoo designs, uniform designs, rough sketches. Must be submitted to DeviantArt itself under the category "Designs and Interfaces." Do not submit Photography or Digital Art to this folder.

:bulletblue: Digital Art: Any deviation which was drawn using: tablets, photoshop, enhanced through the use of digital programs. Does not include: Animations and Gifs, Designs and Interfaces, Video/Soundbites or Stamps/Icons.

:bulletorange: FanFiciton - Chapter or Part 1 Only: The Prologue or Chapter 1 of any fanfiction written in more than one part. Again, limiting the post to the first chapter keeps the group clean, while encouraging interested readers to view the rest of the story at the writer's profile. Does not included: Comics and Memes, Fanfiction - One Shots or Prose and Poetry.

:bulletyellow: Fanfiction - One Shots: Any scene or short-story that can stand on it's own. It must have a decisive beginning, middle and end. Does Not Include: Comics and Memes or Fanfiction Prologues or First Chapters.

:bulletblack: Mature: Any deviation, fitting all of our folders, that deals with adult themes. Some adults themes are: nudity, sex or sexual crimes, abuse (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual), suicide, etc. It is required by Deviant Art's Terms of Services that: all Mature art is labeled as such at the time of Submission to the site. And that the type of Maturity is chosen (example: Ideological). As such any deviations submitted to the group that are per-labeled Mature or should be, will be accepted and rejected on these terms.

:bulletblue: Photography: Pictures of places, items, or other things relating to Harry Potter. If the photograph is of lesser quality but could be submitted to: Arts and Crafts it will be moved to Photography. Does not include Cosplay or Photomanipulation.

:bulletorange: Photomanipulation: Deviations which combine stock images or other photographs with those of Harry Potter related material. Does not include Cosplay or Photography.

:bulletyellow: Prose and Poetry: Harry Potter related writing that is Non-Fiction or Songs/Lyrics. Does not include: Fanfiction - Chapter or Part 1 Only or Fanfiction - One Shot.

:bulletblack: Scripts and Screenplays: Must be in PDF file and follow the format expressly for screen or script writing. Also must be the full script. Does not include: FanFiction - One Shots or Prose and Poetry.

:bulletblue: Stamps and Icons: Deviations that fits the size and resolution modifications for stamps and icons. Icons or stamps may have moving text or flashing backgrounds. Does not include: Animations and Gifs.

:bulletorange: Traditional Art: Deviations which fall under: pencil/inking, pencil, water color, oil painting, or other techniques like collage. Does not accept any Digital or Design and Interface.

:bulletyellow: Videos and Sounbites: Any journals, deviations, or other sources that directly display or link to videos that relate to Harry Potter, actors or Rowling's speeches and/or interviews.

:bulletblack: Wallpapers: Typically focus on one place, person, or specific groups of characters. Expressly stated for the use of download and display on PC, Tablet or Desktop screens. Any deviation listed as Wallpaper that also has the category of Photomanipulation must be accepted to the Wallpaper folder. Does not include: Cosplay, Photography or Photomanipulation.

Gallery Folders

Wizard's chess by AncientKing
[HP] Looking for shoes by Kitsoow
HP by Camellote
AlwaysSnakeDoe by MarySeverus
House Cup Contests
Holiday Contest - Christmas
Animations and Gifs
Remus Lupin Banner gif by hnl
harry potter i love youuuu Q_Q by ren-danny
Chocolate... or advantages of sharing by FloraDelaney
Dan Shrugging Gif by Potterhead-Writer
Arts and Crafts
Patroni by TrollGirl
The Owlery by TrollGirl
Dark Mark by TrollGirl
Slytherin emblems by AncientKing
Comics and Memes - Part 1 Only
Screamo Marauders [Modern AU] by TsuEx
Molly's Grandbabies by TrollGirl
Switch-a-roo Contest Entry by thalle-my-honey
Boop by staypee
booklover by Karenscarlet
Hermione portrait by Karenscarlet
Harry Potter - The Auror Years IV by DashingTonyDrake
Harry Potter - The Auror Years III by DashingTonyDrake
Designs and Interfaces
Romione by Mybeautyheart
fantastic beasts and where to find them :) by Mybeautyheart
Jilly banner by Mybeautyheart
Zonkos by Pencilbags
Digital Art
Bella by nekkuu
2.12.2017 by WeRLy
Harry Potter- Christmas Drawing Fun by thalle-my-honey
A visit to King Cross by talareq
FanFiction - Chapter or Part 1 ONLY
Memories of Hogwarts (Animated version). by RafaelGiovannini
Mixed Media
Last Deed by AlcatrazBlack
[STOCK] Victor Krum 1 by Antonin--Dolohov
Will he forgive this time? by Antonin--Dolohov
Scripts and Screenplays
Stamps and Icons
Snape icon vr03 by MarySeverus
Tradtional Art
Memories: Snape by AdorindiL
Videos and Sound Bites
(video) Harry Potter enlightens us about Lumos by Wizzoshoppingchannel
Calling Out Your Name by kienerii


If you have any questions about the group, them please send a note






:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: POTTER-WATCH FAVORITES FEATURE [09/Jan/2018] :bulletyellow: :bulletblack: :bulletorange: :bulletblack:

Welcome one and all to the Favorites Feature! This month we are proud to showcase deviations from Potter-Watch 's Favorites Gallery! This month's deviations come to use from the Photography and Photomanipulations folders. They have been hand-picked by: Founder E-H-Indigo and Founder thalle-my-honey!

We hope you enjoy the art that has been submitted to our Favorites Gallery!


Mlle-Svenskah Hogwarts Castle. from [Photography]

Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts Castle. by Mlle-Svenskah

This tiny version of the Hogwarts Castle is beautifully detailed. It not only shows the Lightning Struck Tower but also the Great Hall and the stairs down to the boats house where all the first years land with their tiny boats and where Professor Severus Snape left his life (in the movie). The coloring is quite vintage so that the building also looks as old as it should, in a really beautiful way.

~ Co-Founder & Deputy Headmistress: thalle-my-honey


bones-sickle Horcrux Diary- Miniature from [Photography]

Horcrux Diary- Miniature

Horcrux Diary- Miniature by bones-sickle

A lovely craft that may be tiny but it's still so detailed and realistic that one could think it's the original Horcrux. The cover looks used and the golden decoration looks stylish in a classy way. The tooth is kinda adorable.

~ Founder & Headmistress:  E-H-Indigo

chouette-e Dramione 4 from [Photomanipulations]

Dramione 4

Dramione 4 by chouette-e

This Photomanipulation of Draco and Hermione in some casual but classy clothes appearing to have a good time together is really nice to look at since it's one of the few photomanis I know on which they both look happy. Ron and Harry in the background starring at them confused and disappointed makes it a really hilarious post. Taking shot of them from the third movie was a good choice since they looked really dorky and adorable in that one.

~ Founder & Headmistress: E-H-Indigo


whyiloveyouandy A Harry Potter Christmas< /i > from [Photomanipulations]

A Harry Potter Christmas

A Harry Potter Christmas by whyiloveyouandy

A really cool photomanipulation that gives you Christmas feels whenever you look at it. The Harry Potter typical orange and blue color scheme is well placed and the christmas hat of Ron just looks so dorky and cute. Great work!

~ Co-Founder & Deputy Head Mistress: thalle-my-honey

As you can see, there are many talented artists whose work has ended up in our Favorites Gallery! Please stay tuned for next Month's Feature. And, visit their pages and offer comments or critiques!

~ Founder & Headmistress E-H-Indigo

Fast Forward: Potter-Watch Gazette Feb 2018:

Rewind: Potter-Watch Members Features (08 Jan 2018):
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